Enhancing Our Cash Effusion Solution

Ceteris has enhanced our Cash Effusion solutions to help our clients proactively manage their delinquent and defaulted portfolios during unprecedented economic times.  The enhanced solutions offer our clients a multi-channel, non-voice opportunity to stay connected with their customers.  In addition to improving performance and reducing costs, Cash Effusion provides the following:

  • Compliance crafted language that leverages the psychological impact of receiving 3rd party communications
  • Low cost & effective strategy to manage deposit account & low balance delinquencies
  • Attended IVR to help resolve any customer concerns & maximize collections
  • Comprehensive reporting to transparently measure & assess effectiveness
  • Fixed-fee & contingency-based collections options

Backed by an unwavering commitment to compliance and data security, blended with continued investments in industry-leading technology, Ceteris’ Cash Effusion solutions are changing the way organizations manage their delinquent portfolios.

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