Frequently Asked Questions


In respect of our commitment and transparency to our clients and partners, we wanted to provide an update regarding how the Ceteris team is managing the uncertain and ever-changing times regarding the Coronavirus/COVID 19 epidemic. At this time, although we have not seen or experienced a significant disruption or degradation in our services, our team is continuously monitoring the situation, adapting our business processes while still maintaining our high level of compliance, and taking every precaution step to mitigate any potential service issues. The health and safety of our employees are of utmost importance to us, and we are committed to taking all necessary steps.

We are working diligently to ensure that we’re doing everything possible to keep our employees safe during this time of extreme uncertainty and are closely monitoring CDC, Federal, State and Local guidance while navigating these evolving circumstances.

Our approach is not changing!  Our policy is to always to use the highest level of compassion, empathy and understanding to everyone’s situation. From hardship programs, payment plans and negotiated settlements, all interactions and efforts will be defined by best practices and empathy during a crisis or epidemic like we’re currently experiencing. Our clients should be assured that we will continue to protect their great name, reputation and image that go along with your receivables.

We understand there are a lot of uncertainties and changes on an hourly basis. We have an extensive continuity plan in place for remote access, security, compliance and fiduciary responsibility with regulators and client’s approval if necessary. We are in constant contact with our compliance counterparts at various state agencies for guidance and at this moment do not expect a major disruption in our services we provide.

We value your partnership!  We are committed to being successful and exceeding your expectations even during these times of uncertainty and anxiety. Working together as a team with our clients and partners, we’re confident that together we’ll emerge after this epidemic stronger than ever before.

Our hearts and prayers go out to all those impacted by COVID-19. This includes those diagnosed with the virus, their friends and family, those whose jobs and schools have been impacted, health care providers on the frontlines, and so many more.

Is there a format for customers to provide feedback or suggest areas where SRA can improve?
Yes, feedback can be provided through the following channels: By mail, telephone, fax, or through the “CONTACT US” page on this website. Your comments are always welcome.

Do you have a dedicated compliance officer?
Yes, SRA has a full compliance department/quality assurance team.

Do you have an automated compliance program?
Yes, SRA utilizes Entropy as our compliance management system.

Do you record all of your phone calls? For how long are they kept?
Yes, we we record 100% of our inbound and outbound phone calls, and they are stored for 7 years.

What is your ratio of managers to collectors?
We assign one manager to every four collectors, a ratio much lower than the industry average.

Do you keep graphical dashboards to display KRI (key risk indicators) and KPI (key performance indicators)
Yes, SRA maintains numerous charts and graphs to display necessary and relevant strategic data.

What is your NSF (non-sufficient funds) rate?
Our average NSF rate is under 2 percent; the industry average is 7.5 percent.

Is collector compensation tied to compliance?
Yes, a collector’s compensation is increased, decreased, or eliminated depending upon their compliance score for any given month. Adherence to compliance standards is required for continued employment at SRA.

Has SRA been recognized for outstanding performance?
Yes, SRA has received the following awards:

  • Grand Liquidation Champion (multiple times over several tiers)
    Best in Class Agency
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Agency Partnership
  • Lowest NSF Percentage
  • Best Audit
  • Most Valuable Agency
  • Credit Partnership
  • Rookie of the Year
  • Premium Compensation (multiple awards)
  • Others

Do you conduct background checks on employees and potential hires?
Yes, all employees and potential hires undergo federal, state, and county background checks.

Where are you licensed to do business?
We are nationally licensed and bonded to perform business throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.

How often are your collectors FDCPA tested?
Our collectors are required to pass bi-annual FDCPA testing.

Is SRA audited by an independent third party?
Yes, SRA undergoes an annual SSAE18 audit, which is available to clients upon request.

Can SRA Associates provide audited financials?
Yes, these are available to our clients upon request.