SRA Chooses Intelligent Contacts to Provide Consumer-Focused Communication and Payment Solutions

Strategic Resource Alternatives (SRA) Chooses Intelligent Contacts to Provide Consumer-Focused Communication and Payment Solutions

April 8, 2021, Mt. Laurel, NJ — Strategic Resource Alternatives (SRA), a full-service accounts receivable services provider, has joined forces with Intelligent Contacts to meet the growing industry demand for consumer-focused payment and communication experiences. 

Established in 1971 and headquartered in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey, SRA’s partnership with Intelligent Contacts underscores a long-standing commitment to pairing its world-class talent and exceptional customer service with industry-leading technology. 

“Intelligent Contacts offers the full suite of digital payment and communication tools we were looking for within one integrated platform,” said David Aglira, SRA’s Chief Operations Officer. “This move allows us to consolidate payment and communication interactions into one place, which will improve the efficiency of our operations.”

SRA has a long history of serving its clients' accounts receivable needs using 100% compliant best practices and a steadfast commitment to treating every account holder with compassion and integrity. This partnership continues this commitment as consumer interactions become increasingly digital and personalized. 

“We believe a big part of compassionate collection is understanding that each individual is facing a unique set of challenges,” said Aglira. “We want them to feel empowered to handle their financial responsibilities in ways that are convenient and flexible.” 

“It was apparent from our early discussions that David and the rest of SRA’s executive team have a clear vision for where they are going as a company,” said Ed Ujcich, senior account executive at Intelligent Contacts. “They are in the middle of an aggressive growth and acquisition phase and need a technology partner to help them scale quickly. The fit couldn’t be better.”

As SRA continues to expand its footprint in the financial services and BPO space, harnessing the power of AI and machine learning has become a significant focus. Moving to one fully integrated platform will give SRA the holistic view it needs to serve clients more effectively.

“Machine-learning and automation are quickly becoming a crucial component of both the first and third-party collection process,” said Aglira. “We’re looking forward to incorporating these types of data-driven tools and strategies into practice.” 

About SRA

Strategic Resource Alternatives is a nationally licensed servicing company providing debt recovery solutions and other related services for consumers and commercial businesses across a broad range of financial assets.  We provide industry-leading 1st and 3rd party revenue cycle management, business process outsourcing and portfolio backup servicing to heavily regulated, high volume industries including banking, automotive finance, credit card, equipment leasing, medical, telecommunications, utilities, retail, and other industries. 

Above all, SRA strives to deliver the best possible accounts receivable management performance with 100% compliance for each of our clients. Our clients’ account holders will be treated with integrity, fairness, and compassion as we help them resolve their indebtedness and re-establish their credit standing. For more information, please visit our website or call us Monday - Friday at 844-567-7886.

About Intelligent Contacts

Intelligent Contacts is an enterprise-level cloud contact center provider and Certified PCI-DSS Level I provider of innovative payment solutions for the financial services and healthcare industries.

  • Hosted Contact Center (HCC) is a full-featured inbound/outbound/PBX communication platform w/ a predictive dialer and omnichannel messaging (voice, SMS, email, chat).
  • Intelligent Portal an online consumer payment platform with virtual negotiation, digital wallet, built-in compliance features, and integrated SMS/Email messaging.

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